"One of New York's most thrilling groups." - TimeOut

    "visionary...unflaggingly inventive" - Village Voice

    "simple and stoic and carefully orchestrated...a lesson in honesty that will hopefully be heeded" - Las Ultimas Noticias

    "...a group of players unseen in modern times that is as entertaining and enchanting as it must have been 450 years ago. DON"T MISS IT - It's the real thing!" - The Village Voice

    "Rarely do you see something so profoundly deep in New York's disposable theater world." - Neue Zurich Zeitung

    "These are Bruce Weber's choices of the best Off Broadway plays of the season... ("So Who Needs Big Budgets?")
    "Signals of Distress" - New York Times

    "A modest, lovely and resourceful new rendering...every member of TFM is an essential contributor to the striking and satisfying theatricality of "Signals..." This is the art of adaptation." - Bruce Weber, The NY Times

    "After the disappointment of The National Theater of Greece, TFM arrived in Chile - proceeded by excellent reviews and prestigious awards - was initially received with precaution. But, their show Archipelago has become an overnight sensation simply by word of mouth...The show entrances and invites many interpretations; ideal even for the whole family. The company's work is a lesson in honesty that will hopefully be heeded." - Las Ultimas Noticias

    "TFM gives us humor and much, much more with their brief tales told only with gesture. Even though they are presented like a clown-cabaret performance, what this multi-national collective gives us is an attractive performance of pantomime within the context of fiercely independent art in a performance that is as old as theater itself." - Pedro Labra Herrera, El Mercurio

    "Vaudevillian antics with a 21st century sense of humor, set to Fargo-esque cello music. In the best vignette, a hapless man ends up causing several awful but hilarious catastrophes just by trying to enjoy the view out of his window. Incredibly inventive staging and great comic timing." -Debra Auspitz, Philadelphia CityPaper

    "...classic madness performed by an amazingly talented troupe." - Insider Magazine

    "True magical realism brought to life before your eyes...- The Village Voice

    "To describe SST as one of the festival's most visionary works is to argue God is in the details. Brooklyn's TFM (my festival find) used the old tools - half masks, Lecoq training, vocal virtuosity, and the puppeteer's fraternity with the inanimate-to tell Garcia marquez's story of a winged man who crashes into a humble family's life and changes their fortunes forever." The Village Voice

    "By the end...the world has transformed so much that the sight of two-by-fours carried across the stage makes the audience gasp." - Propaganda

    "You are unlikely to see a finer show..." - Time Out New York


    "..."We are privileged to experience some of the best performances, by some of the best performers that downtown modern dance has to offer."

    The Dance Insider, Philip Sandstrom


    "A circus comes to life whose central figures [include] an inflatable
    lady (poignantly played by Jessica Green), who seems to float in air
    before your eyes." Downtown Express, NYC

    "... a traveling circus troupe, with its enticingly odd characters, one
    composed an inflatable lady who manages to blow herself up without any help, artfully getting us to believe that she is actually getting
    larger and larger." New York Theatre Wire

    "Standout performances included...Jessica Green's hilarious and
    poignant Lady Inflatable" Off-Off Online